Winter Inspection

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Parking for the winter?

Avoid permanent damage by identifying potential problems now

Operating your equipment in the winter?

Avoid 2 a.m. breakdowns before the snow falls

Winter Inspection Includes

  • Perform coolant test to determine freeze point
  • Check for water: chain tanks, final drives, swing gear baths and gear boxes
  • Recommend proper fuel conditioner additive for winter
  • Check fuel filter for service
  • Verify proper operation of cold start aids
  • Assess condition of block heater
  • Inspect lights and wipers
  • Check battery
  • Examine heater hoses, heater core and defrosters
  • Recommend proper grade lubricants for winter
  • Inspect cutting edges
  • Check tension and belt wear
  • Inspect air pre-cleaners to prevent clogging from snow
  • Test backup alarms