Scheduled Maintenance Contracts

Schedule Service

What’s included in a Scheduled Maintenance Contract?


All maintenance procedures that are recommended in your New Holland and Kobelco machine operator’s manual are completed at the required intervals.
Genuine New Holland Parts
All parts are the same New Holland and Kobelco quality that originally came in your machine.

Certified Technicians
All services are completed by factory trained New Holland and Kobelco technicians.

At Your Convenience
When it’s time for your New Holland or Kobelco machine to be serviced, we’ll contact you to arrange a time and location that’s convenient for you.

How Long is a Scheduled Maintenance Contract?


You choose the term—up to 5 years or 5,000 hours.


Payment Options


Finance It
Add your Scheduled Maintenance Contract payment to your financing package on your machine.
Charge It
Charge your Scheduled Maintenance Contract to your CNH Revolving Account for your current machines. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your Scheduled Maintenance Contracts.

Lease It
Add a Scheduled Maintenance Contract to your lease agreement.